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Cellibrate Wellness

The Revolutionary Corporate Wellness Program for a Post Covid19 World

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The Pandemic Aftermath

Covid Aftermath

Covid19 made clear no issue is more important than health and life.

Covid also made clear the bitter consequences of unhealthy people living unhealthy lifestyles.

Immune-compromised people are a ticking time bomb, and that's no way to live…..

Now in the aftermath of a global vaccination campaign, a new landscape emerges where terms like SADS and all-cause mortality are now in our vocabulary.

All-cause Mortailty

Today, employers face a post-Covid world where urgent solutions are needed to resolve

all-cause mortality and SADS.

This is the new epidemic affecting the working young including the companies who employ them. All-cause mortality insurance losses since 2021 are being passed on to employers, which increases employer overhead.  

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Wellness Soultions

Unprecedented insurance losses call for unprecedented measures and interventions.

Improving employee health and wellness is what Cellibrate Wellness is designed to do.

This innovative intervention can reduce all-cause mortality and the impending increased costs employers face.

Cellibrate Corporate Wellness is great news to employers and employees alike. And that's reason to Cellibrate!

Welcome to Innovative Corporate Solutions

Cellibrate Wellness empowers our member-companies with a health literacy platform that ensures employees connect lifestyle choices, with lifestyle outcomes. This is the foundation of Living Prevention Membership

But there's more.....

Cellibrate Wellness also includes cutting-edge technologies that restore health by focusing on cellular detoxification because 'health starts in the cell'.

Quantum technologies focus on cellular wellness to increase cellular vitality and energy production. Improved cellular voltage to 'like new' settings, and better health results.

Cellibrate Wellness is the first and only corporate wellness program of its kind focused on ensuring 21st-century solutions deliver results!

Cellibrate Technology

Wellness Starts with Understanding the Body is Electric

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FDA Approved Medicine

Covid Aftermath

Cellibrate Wellness uses only FDA-approved therapies to treat without harming healthy cells as it recharges healthy cells to improve health and vitality.

Cellibrate Technologies also identify problem cells so the immune system can remove low-voltage cells, and the result is felt in improved employee health, improved profits, and reduced healthcare costs.

This too is a reason to Cellibrate!

All-cause Mortailty

Cellibrate Wellness is a revolutionary cost-effective program to improve employee wellness and performance.

Cellular healing technology is non-toxic and non-invasive. Placed inside a corporate wellness program is an industry first.

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Wellness Soultions

Merging Living Prevention education and membership with lifestyle modification, and Cellibrate technologies, transformational employee wellness results.

Cellibrate Wellness is great news for employers and employees alike by bringing refreshing solutions to reduce the all-cause mortality tragedy of our time.

That is reason to Cellibrate!

"Love the life you live.... Live the life you love.

-Bob Marley

Prevention or Prescription?

70% of the U.S. is prescription dependent

80% of all prescriptions are lifestyle caused

90% of the U.S. population is "Health Illiterate"

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Is Your Company Ready

for Real Change?

Living Prevention Preventer Membership

resolves adult health illiteracy

There's a battle being waged on God-given natural immunity unlike any time before. Billions of people are exploited by fear and confusion. The perfect storm was identified in a 2002 study of the U.S. population which revealed;

"9 out of 10 U.S. adults lack the knowledge to manage health and prevent disease.*"

*(2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy Study)

"Prevention Not Prescription!"

Improving employee wellness means improving profits and operations. 'Living Prevention Not Prescription' lifestyle is key to employee wellness and the cascade of events that follows.

Living Prevention presented by the AlternaCare Foundation empowers your employees with success through;

Living Prevention TV

Living Prevention Membership

Living Prevention Academy

Living Prevention Community

Living Prevention Rejuvenate Cleanse

Living Prevention Coaching

And more!

"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." -Les Brown

Corporate Wealth is in

Employee Health

AlternaShare Healthy Insurance Alternative is coming in 2024

AlternaShare in 2024

Currently, in development and exclusively available to Living Prevention Preventer Members in 2024, AlternaShare is the most innovative health insurance alternative ever devised.

A dream come true for people whose health insurance isn't a fit,

AlternaShare is what health insurance will never be; holistic medicine for primary care with conventional care for emergencies.

With AlternaShare you can say goodbye to;

  • health confusion
  • self-pay holistic burden
  • conventional health insurance
  • conventional cost-sharing
  • ever-escalating health insurance premiums
  • exclusion of holistic medicine for primary care

AlternaShare is built on the Living Prevention lifestyle so it isn't a fit for people who want conventional insurance & medicine. But if you want holistic medicine primary care, and allopathic medicine for emergency care, this all-in-one solution brings the best in medicine together.

AlternaShare resolves what conventional health insurance or cost-sharing, won't.

Health insurance with people patients. Life insurance.
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What People Say About Us

Committed to Empowering People with Truth is the AlternaCare Mission!

"I just have one question…what took so long for someone to deal with health and health care in such a reasonable and logical way? I belong to the Prevention not prescription group and have learned so much and found like-minded people to ask questions of and learn from. I so appreciate the validation as to what seems to me to be the best way to take care of and manage one's health. The information is stellar and I personally have benefitted greatly. I appreciate having found this site and am eager to learn more and become more involved. Thank you for all you do on behalf of true health for so many! ~"

Launi G. - Mental Health Professional

"Kari has an amazing story as a cancer survivor. Living Prevention by AlternaCare is helping people to live prevention and not a prescription life. Love your message!!"

Ellen S.

"This is an excellent resource for science-based holistic support for those seeking a healthy lifestyle and reliable, common sense, non-biased information, and support. “Prevention Bot Prescription”, is more than appropriate as a theme for this organization. Kari Is living proof with her life experience and know-how that your body can and will help itself. Thank you for this valuable resource."

Delbert V, RN

"Helpful information and experiences. There are so many harmful things we eat and use. It is nice to have someone looking out for our good health instead of just wanting the money."


For More Proof See

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"Alternacare is an amazing nonprofit that shares ways to be healthy and avoid disease with prevention. I've had a wonderful experience volunteering and I'm proud to help their cause."

Diego Z.

"My daughter and I both have a chronic illness and we love alternative care because we feel it is safer as we have had so many complications with medication over the years. We like taking herbs and such because they really help but it does require guidance in order to have success so we strongly support this and think this is something that is really needed!"

Sandi S.

"Alternacare is an incredible source for all things health. We support this cause and give 5 stars!! Thanks for all you do in helping others have a better quality of life! Absolutely love your mission & healthy lifestyle!"

Ocean S.

Our Founders Story

How Cancer Saved My Life, And How It Now Saves Yours Too!

Tragedy Into Triumph

Our story began in 1988 with our founder and CEO's personal life crisis. At just 25, Kari Gray was diagnosed terminal with liver cancer. In her autobiography, "How Cancer Saved My Life, and How it Can Save Yours Too" Kari reveals the 'secret cure' to cancer.

"Being diagnosed terminal is a nightmare you never see yourself living. I was emotionally devastated while I lived the financial impact of self-paying for holistic treatments health insurance refuses to cover even to this day" Kari relates.

"I looked to the 'experts' for answers and found no hope of survival. As a mother of three; giving up for me wasn't an option. My babies needed me, and I was in extreme duress trying to find hope and answers. I knew nothing about health but I knew how to pray, and many prayers led me to the door of a holistic practitioner. Coaching me through a litany of changes I needed to implement for a chance at remission, I was dedicated and diligent."

The miracle of self-healing happened for Kari within months of diagnosis. That was over three decades ago.

Today, Kari is the visionary of the AlternaCare Foundation and the creator-host of Living Prevention TV. Committed to 'paying it forward' Kari shares her passion for wellness knowledge because knowing how to live a prevention lifestyle makes the need for cures obsolete!

How Cancer Saved My Life, ...

And How It Can Save Yours Too!

Pre-Order th Book

"We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons......

Inspiration or Desperation." -Jim Rohn

The Big Picture

The AlternaCare Big Picture Vision

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